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Raw (green) Pu Er Tea

Raw (green) Pu Er Tea

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Introducing our distinguished Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea—a true embodiment of the ancient art of tea craftsmanship, hailing from the pristine mountains of Yunnan in southwestern China. Sourced from different high-altitude plantations across Yunnan, this Raw Pu-erh is a testament to the diverse landscapes and traditional expertise that define its unique character.

Harvested from the broad-leafed tea trees indigenous to the region, our Aged Raw Pu-erh undergoes a meticulous process of sun-drying and natural fermentation, followed by patient aging. The result is a tea that captures the essence of Yunnan's terroir, displaying a vibrant and golden liquor with a lively, complex flavour profile.

With each sip, you'll embark on a journey through the mountains and forests of Yunnan. The tea unfolds on your palate with a robust yet refreshing character, marked by floral notes, hints of wild herbs, and a subtle astringency that speaks to the untamed beauty of its origin. The aging process enhances the tea's body and depth, providing a truly immersive experience for tea aficionados.

Tailored for those who seek the authenticity of Yunnan's tea heritage, our Aged Raw Pu-erh is a rare gem that transcends time. Elevate your tea ritual with this exclusive selection, and savour the legacy of Yunnan's ancient tea trees in every meticulously brewed cup.


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