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Da Hong Pao (big red robe) Oolong Tea

Da Hong Pao (big red robe) Oolong Tea

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Introducing our exquisite Aged Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea—a tribute to the venerable tradition of Wuyi rock tea from the renowned Wuyi Mountains in China's Fujian province. Harvested and nurtured by skilled artisans from different generations in the Wuyi region, this meticulously aged Da Hong Pao is a testament to the tea master's craft and the terroir that shapes its unique character.

Handpicked from the rare and ancient tea bushes that cling to the rocky cliffs of Wuyi, our Aged Da Hong Pao undergoes a carefully monitored aging process, allowing it to develop a rich and nuanced flavour profile. The leaves, known for their bold and twisted appearance, release an enticing aroma, inviting you into a world of complexity and depth.

As you sip this exceptional Da Hong Pao, the infusion unveils a warm amber hue with a velvety texture. The flavor journey is a symphony of roasted maltiness, layered with notes of dark cocoa, and a subtle minerality that lingers on the palate. The aging process has bestowed upon this oolong a refined elegance, making it a captivating experience for tea connoisseurs.

Tailored for those who appreciate the mastery behind Wuyi rock teas, our Aged Da Hong Pao Oolong stands as a testament to the expertise passed down through generations. Elevate your tea ritual with this exclusive selection, savouring the heritage of Wuyi's rocky landscapes encapsulated in each artfully steeped cup.

Please note as Chinese tea is hand picked and seasonal, there may be slight variation in appearance and flavour.





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